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The spirit of hospitality is a core part of Greek culture, in Tinos it is a central calling. Greeting, meeting and inviting visitors to our world is our favorite pastime. Our lively culture, arts, crafts and culture were always best when shared with others. As a provider of unique residences our goal is to reflect these values in our services to you but also to introduce you to our island and share with you what inspired us to be part of hospitality in the first place.

In that spirit, do not hesitate to ask us anything you want to know about how to have fun in Tinos, we love talking about our island!


Have you chosen to organize a special event in Tinos? This is wonderful. Tinos has always been a preferred destination for celebratory events such as weddings and christenings due to its orthodox roots and beautiful locales.

In partnership with Tinos’ foremost professionals and event organizers we can make these unforgettable events come true in one of our most beautiful and idyllic group of Villas. Note that organizing an event in our venue requires you to book it privately for the duration of your event.

19 Years of Hospitality Experience in Tinos

Years of experience in providing great hospitality in the island of Tinos, has allowed us to develop the skills, infrastructure and knowledge needed to meet our aspiration of providing unique holidays to you. Whether it is ensuring a perfect preparation to your arrival, prompt reply to any question you may have or picking you up from the port to transfer you to your residence, you can count on us. Last but not least, we are grateful to all our visitors who have chosen us over the years and allowed us to grow our current team to 8 wonderful people and 19 unique residences in Tinos.

Marble Villas

Marble Villas is ideal for larger events because of its extended parking and easy access from Tinos Town. Guests who have hosted events here with us appreciated the large manicured gardens, ample wind-sheltered spaces for hosting and beautiful property wide panoramic views of the bay and the Aegean sea. The property is also ideally organized in order to facilitate private events due to the locations of the Villas, Pool and hosting ground area. Maximum capacity is around 150 guests.

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