Tinos Town

Tinos town referred to as Chora in Greek is the beating heart of Tinos located right next to the port of Tinos. The town is designed around traditional cycladic architecture and is built along the coastline with a long stretching marina ideal for a sunset walk. Tinos town is characterized by its pedestrian character allowing visitors to carefree explore the bustling streets and alleys of the town, visiting small boutiques and chatting at lively venues.

The central streets of Megalocharis and Evaggelistrias are awash with small shops, artisans, souvenir shops. Both streets lead upwards to the Tinos Cathedral an important cultural and religious site. Tinos Town is also well connected to the rest of the island through the public shuttle service at the port and a 3 min drive to the Agios Fokas Beach and 5 min to Kionia Beach.


Triantaros is centered upon the hillside overlooking one of Tinos’ greenest valleys and the Aegean sea beyond it, granting the village one of the most beautiful panoramic views in the Cyclades. The views along with the authentic traditional architecture make it one of Tinos’ most popular destinations for visitors who value culture whilst prioritizing good access to Tinos’ main town and other large villages in the vicinity.

Agios Fokas

The Agios Fokas area stretches along Tinos’ Chora boundaries to the south-east coastline of the island and up the gentle hills overlooking the bay. The wide stretch makes for Tinos’ largest beach dotted with many beach bars and restaurants, access to Tinos Town is easy at only a 5 minute drive. The coastline is ideal for beach-side strolls and is a popular running path. The hills overlooking the beach all enjoy panoramic views of the bay of Agios Fokas and their access to the beach is a walk away whilst remaining free from the bustle of the beach.


Mesi is a charming and rustic village situated in a plateau area in the center of Tinos. The village is favored by visitors looking for a quiet, peaceful and authentic experience at the center of Tinos with equal access to Tinos’ northern and southern villages and beaches.

Mesi is also next to the Exombourgo mountain where the ruins of an old castle built by Venice is located. Mesi is a 20 minute drive away from Tinos town and 15 min drive from Kolimbithra, Tinos’ most popular and iconic beach.

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