In combination with our standalone residencies we have also developed two groups of Villas, Elysium Villas and Marble Villas. In these groups guests enjoy spacious villas with all modern amenities and daily housekeeping. Additionally guests have access to common infrastructure including; gardens, large swimming pools and private parking. Each villa’s in these groups of course has its own private areas including entrance, porch, balconies and verandas.

Elysium Villas

Enjoy the stunning view of the Aegean sea at Elysium villas, a newly built accommodation at Arnados village in Tinos. Three private, boho styled, two-bedroom villas , provide the perfect vacation for all types of visitors.  Find yourself having a drink in the villa’s private jacuzzi, enjoying the bright sun as you’re surrounded by pure nature. The property is divided in three separate villas , with private gardens for each charming villa Elysium villas are.  perfect for couples and families. Suitable for short and long-term vacation as we provide all modern amenities and daily housekeeping. Elysium villas are located almost at just 8 kilometers off Tinos’ port and are easily accessible by following the main roads leading to the southeastern villages.

Marble Villas

The Marble Villas is a 4 acres domain situated on the gentle slopes of Agios Fokas overlooking the bay. The property is inspired by the traditional Cycladic aesthetics and the widely celebrated marble-crafting tradition of Tinos. Composed of 4 independent marble-built villas and surrounded by coniferous gardens and ranges of olive trees, the idyllic setting is appreciated by demanding aesthetes. The villas are linked by wide marble-built arches and alleys. Each villa also has its private porch or veranda. At the center guests can enjoy the wide common pool whilst relaxing at the sunbeds and gazing at the panoramic views of the bay.

Guests can also mingle at the lounge and the bar, by the pool where the charming hostess Dimitra will always greet them and share them the secrets of Tinos. The location ensures panoramic views throughout the domain of the bay, Vriokastro and the surrounding islands. The properties’ wide spaces are filled with marble crafts and statues alluding to the legacy of the great Tinian marble sculptors Xalepas and Gizis. Lastly, the orthodox chapel dedicated to Agios Konstantinos with its meticulous hagiographies provides the spiritual background which so characterizes Tinos. Marble Villas is a 10 min drive away from Tinos town and 4 and from Agios Fokas beach.

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